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The Knight of Malta Lodge of Mark Master Masons No. 30 is a “Time Immemorial” Lodge and although it received it’s Warrant of Confirmation in Hinckley in 1870 thereby acknowledging it’s establishment on an authorized basis under the constitution of the Grand Mark Lodge of England and Wales which came into being in 1856; there is no doubt that the Mark Degree had been worked in Hinckley within the Knights of Malta No. 50 craft Lodge - one of the “Atholl” Lodges warranted under the Antients constitution - from at least 1803.  A Lodge of operative Masons may have existed prior to 1803 but any evidence of such has been lost.

With the Union in 1813 of the “Antients” and “Moderns” to form the United Grand Lodge, the custom of conferring the Mark Degree was discontinued. Nevertheless one Minute of the No. 50 Craft Lodge shows the practice continued until 1828, and it would seem, quite unofficially beyond this date, as in a letter to The Freemasons Magazine in July of 1860, the Provincial Grand Master R W Bro Kelly stated “that the Mark Degree had been worked in Hinckley from the Union until the present time.” 

It is traditionally supposed that an error was made at Grand Lodge in the preparation of the Warrant in 1870 when the singular - Knight of Malta - was endorsed thereon; but there can be little doubt that the Mark Lodge intended to adopt the same title as the Craft Lodge.


In spite of some difficulties during it’s earlier years, the Lodge met at a number of locations around the town until a purpose-built Masonic hall in St. Mary’s Road came into use in 1929, which has been the Lodge’s domicile since.


Notwithstanding a troubled early history and the difficulties of two world wars, the Lodge has enjoyed many successful years, and whilst it would be difficult for any Lodge to sustain the high standard and reputation that No. 30 has built up over recent decades, with the foundations laid down by a succession of distinguished brethren, the Lodge continues to flourish and maintain a strong membership as it looks towards it’s 150th anniversary.


The Knight of Malta Lodge of Mark Master Masons No 30 meets in the months of October, January, March and May each year. The installation meeting is held in January. You may contact the Lodge by using This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..