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Today Burbach Lodge#s oldest Lodge member, Cyril Staley celebrated his 102nd birthday. Cyril was initiated at the "young" age of 96 and has been enjoying his Freemasonry ever since. His son Martin , a past Master of the Lodge, is in our photo toasting his dad on this special day.


Toasting Cyril

Burbach Lodge No. 8699 is a daughter Lodge of The Knights of Malta Lodge No. 50 and was founded in 1976. The Lodge meets seven times in each year from October through to April. The Installation meeting is held at the April meeting.

Burbach Lodge has led Hinckley Masonry by being the first to use the internet as the main form of communication both for the members of the Lodge but also to inform the wider community of it's activities. The Burbach Lodge web-site is a complete guide to the Lodge and rather than duplicate the information on this site you can access it here or contact the Lodge by email using This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..